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things are heating up in the tropics. now, two more storms are formed. and abducted while on her cell phone. her bfriend tells what's on the other line. she's been missing about one week. quintin tarantino is joining us to talk about his latest movie. fox 5 begins now. >> didn't know that was coming,
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did you. >> i didn't. claudette is coming and producing winds and downgraded to a tropical depression. and now, all eyes focus on more trouble in the tropics with more storms picking up speed. >> claudette made landfall near fort wallton beach and she's heading towards north eastern mississippi and for the latest, tucker has all of the details. >> yeah, a lot happening here. we're off and running. we'll start with claudette. it u ou c ld be dangerous. da we h e l get startedit th radar. s eion. the concern is the heavy rain tod that's all generally pushed he torth and northwesthe ey ex'rthinpee g ctthe rain to 6 ,upto 6 ncs
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of raiinches of raiacross the western panhandle of heflorida reaching upo isimntpissis a o alabama. they have flood watches there. we'll show you thother systems and the first one of note is across porto rico. see those clouds? that's ana, bringing heavy rain to porto rico and they'll get up to 4-inchs of rain as ana is pushinnorth anwesh. st we have a . more serious storm bill. that's a hurricane, maximum winds increased as of the latest a few moments ago of 90 . les per hour wi ovt g00ers . 1. this is expecd to be a major hurricane over the next few days and we'll have p e thatw ch the track carefully. >> we'll ge ngvheldr cocwhave cloud cover lingering through the mid- atlantic and you can see it there and particularly off to the east and towards the beaches. that will kick out and we'll be in for a will the of sunshine. not expecting thunderstorms
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today. just hav to get the clouds out. 80 degrees outside today. if we can get in sunshine, we'll have a high near 90 and no rain and thunderstorms today. we'll have more details on the forecast and we'll have more details in a few minutes. all right, tucker, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> back here at home, it's the traffic you need to worry about. there's an alert on the beltway. the rp amon 495 southbound to the exit to chain bridge road is closed because of the hot lanes project. here's everything you need to know. >> reporter: if your commute and travels takes you to tyson's corner, it's going to beheartedder to get -- harder to get here. the south exit ramp will be closed for 45 days.
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traves yesterday and this is all the v dot toll lays. they need to close the exit 46 b ramp so they can reconfigure the ramp. that's for the west park drive to the beltway. there are signs and boards along the way to tell people what routes to take and this is 45 b heading down i-45 south, that's the dulles access road and you'll follow the signs from there. cig can't progress -- significant progress is going to be made into the fall. they'll build the steel beams at the interchanges. and right here at i-495 at 123. this is a $1.4 billion project going on for some time. the hot lanes are scheduled to not be done until 2013.
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here in tyson's corner, fox 5 news. it all looks different. for more information on the detours, go to and click on the traffic tab. the man accused of crashing into a vehicle carrying leggit is back in court. the man red a red light and careened into the suv in march. he and his wife were injured and the driver is charged with dui. he was on dui probation at the time of the crash. >> michael phelps admitted he had a drink before an accident in baltimore. he had a beer about an hour and 15 minutes before the crash. police ruled out alcohol as a factor, the other driver was at fault. he did get a ticket for driving with an invalid out of state license. a maryland high school
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teacher is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old. he's an rotc instructor in county and he's charged with taking the minor across the state lines for sex. the girl's mother placed a recorded phone call from a police station. he admitted he had sex with the girl the police are investigating a deadly stabbing in the 19th hundred -- 8900 block of road island hospital. so far, the police don't have suspects. and tp te police are also trying to solve a murder mystery in marlboro. the officers found a man dead yesterday on oak grove road. the police are trying to determine the cause of death and his identity. he appears to be hispanic. and it's a prime hot spot
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for millions in baltimore and mayor sheila dixon won't tolerate fights. a 20-year-old was shot in the leg and another was shot in the arm. and the police commissioner is working on the security. now to the raging health care debate. those town hall meetings are having an impact. the obama administration is signaling that it's ready to compromise on the public option element of the reform. we're on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: a town hall event throughout the country and many are voicing their opinions and the white house could be listening. acknowledging the public option, a government run health care plan could be dropped. health and human services secretary saying it's not the essential elements. >> reporter: president obama
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enjoying a day of touring the grand canyon with his family sunday. it's a working vacation. he'll be speaking today in phoenix. still, his focus is on health care. the president is writing for the new york times and says that the town hall debates are focusing on the loudest, not those suffering. speaking to a crowd saturday, he addressed concerns about the controversial public option. >> the public option, whether or not if we have it or not, that's not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. one aspect of it >> reporter: without a public option, the alternative is a co- op plan. privately owned nonprofits offering a co-op plan to competition to the insurance companies. >> i don't know if it will do
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everything people want, but we ought to look at it. it's a far cry from the original. the government would front end some of the money and we have yet to discuss whether or not all of that or some of that gets paid back. it would be that amount of involvement and then, membership run and membership controlled. >> reporter: he's a part of the gang of six, three democrats and three republicans trying to negotiate a bipartisan deal and he says there's a lot of work to be done once they return in september and particularly since the democrats are insisting that the public option is a must. day're more concerned about having choice and competition in the market. fox news. now, the co-ops would be a national structure and state
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affiliate and independant of the government. the feds would have to fund the same reserves incase of high claims. preparations for the swine flu in the d.c. area are well under way. the health officials haven't finalized the plans and the school age children are among those priority to receive them. while they're hopeing to keep the schools open, they're hoping to keep the instruction via the internet. there and the health and human services secretary says these are things to do to prevent infection as well: >> teach your children to wash their hands singing happy birthday to themselves, cough into their sleeves, not into their hand. that's a good strategy. we know that we want to limit the number of germs that spread. >> the virus is expected to hit
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hard in the fall and the vaccine won't be ready until october. a woman is abducted while talk on her cell phone and her boyfriend isn't able to do anything about it. she's missing for a week. and it's almost time to go to school. and we're helping you get ready. how to get good deals on supplies, coming up. and an elephant is fitted with an artificial leg. that's on click on the off beat segment.
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a tsunami warning is lifd after an earthquake off of the coast of japan. an earthquake hit oak that what -- okinawa. officials are revamping border security in mexico. they're also adding new technology and 10% of the vehicles that cross the border every day had been checked and now, they'll photograph and weigh every car and truck. it's to combat tax evasion and to seize more smalled drugs. drug -- -- smuggled drugs. the honduras president is saying that the plane to flew
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him after a queue dropped him off at a place where the u.s. troops were based. and there's more violence in afghanistan as the officials are preparing for an election. >> great britain said that three of their soldiers were killed sunday. a blast in cobble -- cob bull -- cob bull killed 7. a woman disappeared thursday night and she was abducted while on the phone with her boyfriend. he heard a struggle and the phone went dead. someone found her cell phone friday three miles away. we have not focused in on any one suspect. we're still very interested in
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anyone who has information about the white suv suburban type vehicle. >> both of the vehicles were spotted in the area around the time of her disappearance. the mayor of milwaukee checked out of the hospital today. he's recovering from a hand fracture. he heard a woman scr saturday, she was being attacked and he tried to help her and a man attacked him with a metal pipe. peters -- he wanted to see his daughter was intoxicated and he threatened to shoot himself and threatened to shoot others. >> the mayor's family says that a full recovery is expected.
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michael vick is opening up about his time behi bars. he spent 18 months behind bars for running a dog fighting ring. in an interview, he talked about what he called his moment of clarity. >> the first day i walked into prison and they slammed the door, i knew the magnitude of the decisions that i had made. and the poor judgment and what i allowed to happen to the animals. it's no way of explaining, you know, the hurt and the guilt that i felt. that was the reason that i cried so many nights. that put it all into perspective the humane society is inlisting him hoping he can steer young people in the right direction. some will be going back to school soon. >> classes in the district
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begin a week today and the push is on for parents to fill the school supply list. we spoke with the retail reporter about how to get good deals on all of the items that you have to have. >> one thing that peoplspend money on is electronics. they're a necessary thank you, you need the calculators and the laptops and the parents are saying, this is an area where we'll continue to spend othe kids. for example, they're cutting back on clothing an they're buying generic folders and staplers and that type of thing. they're making the tough choices. >> and you know what, in the newspaper and television, radio, we hear and see ads for back to school sales. are there really sales out there or is it just hype. >> there are sales out there and the retailers are looking at the back to school season to say, here's what we can do for you.
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they're saying, we're here for you and we have deals. they're really waiting also. a will the of schools are starting later because labor day is pushed back and the retailers are sipping their gun powder dry and waiting to push out the discounts. >> and the parents are waiting, longer, too. >> and you have tips. i'll tell you, things are tight for everyone right now. you have, well, we may skim on something for ourselves, but it's hard to do it for our back to zoo. >> well, it's not about saying no, but make sure they're involved in the budgeting process. say, here's what we have to work with and how are you going to help us out. one said, not only put them on a budget, but say, whatever we have left over, you get to put in your pocket. the kids are invested in saving money as well. >> some parents may say, do the shopping yourself and leave them at home, but that's a way
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to help them understand. >> it's a teachable moment. >> what about ere you shop? is it better to do all of the shop anything one place or do you go from place to place? >> well, it depends on your own time and budget. we're seeing a lot of shoppers going to actually drugstores to buy the school supplies and think're making an effort to say, we have sales, too. and maybe looking at drugstores or, even some office supply stores like office depot and staples. >> she had great tips. for more, go to and click on the money tab. and all this week on fox 5 morning news, we'll do a back to school special. we'll speak with superintendents of the major districts in the area as well. >> excellent. hundreds of aol users are getting an e-mail from the
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white house and they want to know how the vernment got their addresses and why they were sent in the first place. >> and he's a hollywood power house. quintin tarantino know is going to be with us and talking about "inglourious basterds." >> and "district 9" took top spot at the box office bringing in $37 million in the debut. by the owe joe joe -- gee eye joe joe -- and here's the top five. we'll be back. 
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this fiber? i'd had my fill.  then i found miralax. clinically provenx to relieve constipationpal with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. welcome back, we're in studio b cooking things up this midday. i feel like i'm with my
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cousins. you're from? the food corner kabab. >> yes, it's an afghan restaurant. >> and is it the one at tyson's corner. >> yes, we have three restaurants. >> wonderful. well, the food here looks delicious. >> yes. >> and it looks familiar to me. this is sort of similar to indian food. and tell me what we're cooking up today. >> we'll cook up fried chicken for you today. yes. it's mostly vegetables. >> yes. >> and the less chicken because the, this food, well, it sounds great on the vegetable. >> got it. >> this is common in afghanistan. >> yes, in afghanistan. >> well, we'll head back over and talk with tucker and tony and talk about the weatr for today and we'll be back to cook things up in a little bit.
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back to you fellow. >> well, that looks great. >> thank you very much. >> we have to talk weather now. we've been lamenting about nothing going on and now, we have plenty to talk about. >> there's a lot of action in the last few days of course, we'll talk act the afternoon forecast, that looks great and it's cloudy and we'll have sunshine. >> there's also a sweet celebration taking place this weekend. holly? >> hey, guys, i guess you could say i'm cornier than usual. we're at cow's and corn in mid- land, virginia. they're picking corn because it's that time of the year, but they're gearing up for a sweet corn celebration and you're invited. we'll tell you about it, next on fox 5 midday news. explain.
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we're back with the weather. whipping winds and rain hit the panhandle of florida overnight. there this is from panama city, florida. it lost steam and was downgraded to a tropical depression today. and the remnants are going up into alabama and mississippi. the other storm to watch is bill. he was a hurricane overnight. that's the first of season and ana, too? >> yes, and bill. bill is way out to see in the atlantic. and he's intensifying >> he's making it up to 90 miles per hour. he became a hurricane at 5:00 and the winds are getting stronger by the hour. claudette, the winds are down to 35 miles per hour and we'll talk about that and s waoa nl . e s onla prdeonsi thethicas de fession. and that was the fact yesterday afternoon and became a tropical storm. and now, inland, it's losing sthe y.ergyplup there's the r rplwead andae 'r
11:31 am
talking about u hetra ine n h continuing this hour across the florida panhandle and, there, e hecan see new orleans on side of tle screen. it's not raining in new orleans right now and tothofe east, across mississippi and alabama, we continue to see pretty good rain offshore as well. and the center with this system is inland. the it's pushing up in alabama. it will drag a lot of rain with it. the bigger problem will be the rain, up to 6 inches of rain expected up into florida and alabama and mississippi during the afternoon and evening hours tonight. that's the latest about lawsuit dead. dead-- about lawsuit dead -- claudette. this motion is dragging it up into western alabama and tennessee. the reason i'm showing you this, it's going to enhance rains around washington area as we get into the middle and end of the week.
11:32 am
you can see the cold front pulling this into the washington area. we'll see if we can get rain with that. on we go to a n -- ana and bill. this is progress to bring -- this is going to bring rains into porto rico. it's a tropical depression and then, we have hurricane bill. there we'll have a watch bill moving. maximum winds 90 miles per hour. this is forecast to be a major hurricane. . so, we have to watch bill carefully over the next few days. back to washington weather and we're getting warmer outside. places have been underneath the cloud cover for 80 so in washington and 83 in dulles and
11:33 am
it's been mostly sunshine so far. they're at 88 so far and 89 in ocean city. sunshine, you're in the mid-to upper 80s and the rest of us are cooler. we'll see a lot of sun and the temperatures will jump in town. the highs today will be in the low to mid-90s. just a little bit of energy here. and no shower activity with it. the afternoon should be dry and the next system is day ace way. -- days away. that's it near chicago and the midwest, that will be here wednesday. the next real chance for showers and thunderstorms will be wednesday and thursday. there >> partly cloudy today and 93- degree and winds out of the west and tonight, partly cloudy and late night fog and overnight low where it's been. here's the five-day forecast. we could have a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. a better chance into thursday, and friday.
11:34 am
we'll have to see if some of the remnants of ana get ought up in the cold front. and we could see more thundershowers and activity. >> and i'm not the only lawn that needs it. >> i beg on their match >> keep itp. all right, appreciate it. >> you've got mail and from the white house. >> nows hundreds of aol users want to know why they got an e- mail asking for help and red flagging health care myths and how the white house dug up their names and addresses. the american civil officials don't like the idea of the white >> it's not the government's right to have my e-mail address unless i'm dealing with them on a specific issue. maybe my tax return with the irs. >> if the white house is
11:35 am
creating a list for whoever purpose of people who disagree with the president. that presents a real problem. if people know they'll be on the list, then, people may feel inhibited in expressing their views. >> now, the white house is going to change the e-mail procedures and denighs it's keeping lists for inproper reasons. she's a heavyweight in the senate and she's kicking off new campaign to be the governor of texas. it will divide the republican party in texas. we all know it can be a real struggle putting food on the table during tough types and for some, it's not an option. now, thousands are being nk s ato thanks to hard s working young
11:36 am
people. leat's coming up next. and fo5 is hoping to help you get a job, wee 'refeaturing the job of the day. today's opening is atteve's autoepai r. they're looking for a master technician. the pay goes up to $35 an hour. benefits are included and for more on the job and others, go m.cyfdc oxomotand click on the job stop pad. that's ne tarhef t oopthe home page. explain.
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unlike cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home, for razor sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months r the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. what if you didn't have enough food to feed the family. that's a reality for many. and at the food pantry, the demand has spiked. we're showing you how a group of teens and farmers have teamed up to feed thousands.
11:40 am
his friends wanted him to go to the fair with him, invite stead, this jr. hauled a stack of corn. >> the hardest part is the feet. >> one of the youngest. this is a 7th grader at rosa parks middle school and he was hauling loads fit for a full sized farmer. >> you have to go around and lift like 80-pound bins of food. >> they belong to project change, a group of kids that collect food at the only farmer's market. >> you're helping ney families that need food. it's a good feeling. >> when the market end, the farmers put the unsold food into the bins and give it to mana. >> they've made a difference in the last six weeks they've collected 2000 pounds of fresh produce. it goes to families in need. >> that's enough to feed 8000
11:41 am
people and no one gives away as much as mike here. >> $2.30. >> he's a shy guy at the homestead farm stall. >> we don't have any until next week. we don't put nothing in cold storage. >> and the kids say that modest farmer lets them take hundreds of pounds of food. >> it goes to a good cause. and others could use it. >> he's so generous, they need two or three people to carry his bins away. fresh produce is a luxury to families in need. at many times, they can't afford it. >> and they overflow with this precious cargo because of the gracious farmers and a pack of hard worki kids. great store rip -- story.
11:42 am
well, he's one of hollywood's biggest names and quintin tarantino has a new movie coming up. we'll talk about it comes up. and we'll also be right back with chef's cooking up a great meal.
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the cow's and corn farm is hosting a celebration the weekend and holly traveled to check it out. and it's a summer staple that few people don't like, it's oh, so good and we live in the perfect area. it's the height of sweet corn season and that's why we've come here to check in with this
11:46 am
cute farmer. how long have you been farming. >> well, our farm has been in the family for 80 years. >> you know your stuff. >> we've been growing far while. we grow 400 acres of field corn and sweet corn. you get 1500dozen ears per acre. >> and that's why you're gearing up for the celebration, you do a lot of tours as well. we signed up for corn 101. >> i can tell you about the field corn and sweet corn, that's what we enjoy. >> and the difference is in the starch. field corn has more starch, we're not quite to the part where we're getting an ear, we're at the pollination stage and that will come down and ollinate it and then in a month, they'll be about the same size at the sweet corn.
11:47 am
>> and the pollination is going on. right now. >> and this is a little corn romance. >> you said for every string here, we'll have a colonel. >> yes, and for every piece of silk, you have acornal >> we were grilling corn this morning and we'll have all you can eat sweet corn. we won't boil it. that takes too long. we'll grill it. and the best tips. you don't have to take the leaves off. soak it for an hour in water and then put them on the grill at 20 minutes for medium heat and you're going for the golden brown outside. then, peel it off and we have homemade butter. everyone can make their own butter. >> what's the best way to make the most of the time.
11:48 am
>> we'll show them the farm, the baby calves and adult cows and the maize and the milking and we'll do the cooking and they have to just come and enjoy. >> butter her up and as you do it. her little family secret is using fresh grated parmesan -- parsan cheese. to find out more, two to and we have a link to cows and corn and you can see the cutest farmer on the planet. we'll have the best corn around, so there here's to you. get it. >> get it.
11:49 am
we're all about food today. joining us today -- you have three restaurants. i tell you, you can smell the spices today. what are you cooking up today? >> we're cooking the afghanny chicken curry. and your brother is with you helping you out. that's your sue chef today. >> and it's all about the spices. >> can you tell us about the spices. >> well, i have salt, i have the paprika and the black pepper and the cur beyonder -- cur rander and the red hole chili pepper. >> and they add the beautiful colors in the food and the flavor. >> yeah,the flavor, yeah. >> the flavor's wonderful. and rice, not just any old
11:50 am
rice. that's basmati rice. >> that's flavorful. >> is this a common dish in afghanistan. >> yes, people love it and mostly, here in america, you know like -- >> have you americanized it? >> well, you know -- kind of. i didn't want to cook it down -- [ indiscernible ] >> right. i wanted it to be church hi, y you -- crunchy. >> and we have vegetables and the onion and green pepper and red pepper an jalapeqo. i'm going to add cilantro in the end. in the end? yes. >> and in terms of just how long this would take, really, it's just the chopping and slicing, that takes a while and then the cooking isn't that big of a deal? >> no, the chicken breast, 20
11:51 am
minutes and the vegetable, not more than 10 minutes. the garlic is important to add on the dish. >> and you add it while the chicken's cooking. >> yes. >> now, just cook the chicken until it's tender? yes, and then, we have to mix it. i'm gng to cook this separately, the meat needs more time. and the vegetables will be ready. we'll turn this down and in the end, we'll mix both dishes together and add some tomato sauce on it. >> and the spices, do you add to the veg takes or chicken. >> in the chicken. >> afghanistan, we hear about kababs. what other things would we enjoy in the restaurant. >> you know the rice. you know what we call it. [ indiscernible ]
11:52 am
>> yes, that's a season. and when you add raisins and carrots, it's different. that's one of the others. >> and see, he's not measuring anything. >> well, actually, we do, but, since, i was busy, that's something. i'll let you know later on. >> can i stir this. >> we'll cook this up and take a quick break. >> no problem. >> and tucker, tony, i hope you like this, this looks great. >> thank you. >> no problem.
11:53 am
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11:56 am
well, i love this, this is the story of quintin tarantino's new bill -- film. these groups are chosen to kill nazi's. he's joining us now to talk about "inglourious basterds." good morning. good to have you with us. >> and by the way, your description of the plot is one of the best i've heard. i'm going to say that from here on out. we'll send you the tape. thank you >> and before we talk about the movie, i may never get a chance to talk to you, i love your work and your movies hold up and they hole repeated viewings.
11:57 am
they're perfect and think're moving and violent and funny. thank you. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> and let's talk about "inglourious basterds." >> first of all, the premies is astonishing. is there truth to the story, were their jewish soldiers scalping nazis? >> well, not that i know of. that was, well, that was a creation of my own. cast one of the -- that's one of the reasons i liked the idea of it. it was a story i came up with. but, one of the things that i found when i was doing the research on it. it was interesting. this wasn't the way i portrayed it, but there was a situation where an american patrol would capture the soldiers and they would bequestioning them and basically, they would say, you
11:58 am
know or we're giving you to our jew and if you do that, it's all over. >> well, film buff's know in 1978, there was another movie with the same name. does it have anything to do with that one. no, i don't follow -- i like that one a lot. it's fun, but we bought the right to use the title, but it's just the title. i liked that title a lot. that's why i bought the rights. >> and let's talk about the cast. brad pitt is the best known member. brad seems to be playing a quirky character that he delights playing. tell me about working with him. >> well, it was a blast. i think i'm also working with him at one of t best times.
11:59 am
i think he's grown into his own as an actor and a star. he's at the zennith of his power right now. i loved his character, the moon shine mountain boy from tennessee bumping around europe and talking in his hill billy poetry dialogue. >> it looks great and we're short on time, thank you for joining us. the movie is "inglourious basterds" and see it soon. >> thank you, tony. >> let's go to tucker barns with a look at the weather. >> let's go to the five-day forecast and this afternoon, we have a little bit of cloud cover across the area and as we get into t afternoon, we'll see mostly sunny day. it will be hot and a high around 93 degrees. if you like the sunshine and heat, tomorrow again, 92 degrees. best chance for thunderstorms wednesday, thursday, friday w a cold front. we'll get
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